What if I pay for a consultation, but then decide that I want to wait and do the project at another time?

No problem! You have up to 6 months to schedule your project and have the $100 consultation fee be applied to your project.

What if I have multiple areas to work on, but I want to just start with one or two for now?

We can help you decide which areas are the biggest priority and create a working to do list for future projects.

Can you tell me from the start how many hours the project will take?

We can assess the project and give you an estimate, but not an exact number of hours. The time varies for different people and projects. Sometimes people want to take time to discuss and work through what they want to let go of, and other times it is just sorting into quick piles. That said, we will do our best to provide you with our best estimate at the time of the consultation.

Do you buy all containers, bins, and baskets from one store?

No. I have certain stores I typically use, but if you'd like me to shop at a different store, I am happy to do that. I love searching for good deals and unique containers for storage!

How is Simplify addressing COVID concerns?

When we come into your home we will be wearing shoe coverings, a mask, and maintain social distancing during our time in your home. We will coordinate with you to ensure you feel safe and comfortable with our presence in your home.

Do you still have questions? Contact us—we'd love to chat!