DIY skincare tools that make a visible difference in the health of your skin

This year, more than ever, we have been doing a lot of DIY! I love how there are so many facial tools out there for you to create healthy, strong, clear, glowing skin at home.Here are a couple of my favorite tools. These tools are good for all skin types.

Province Apothecary makes the list with two of my favorites! Daily Glow Facial Dry Brush and Facial Cupping Set.

Daily Glow Facial Dry Brush

Smooths fine lines, brightens skin, reduces puffiness + dark circles, detoxifies, tones + firms, gently exfoliates, and stimulates cellular turnover. Wonderful tool for acne and sensitive/reactive, but good for all to boost lymphatic drainage and give you glowing skin. So simple to use. Just a couple minutes each morning for visible results.

Facial Cupping Set:

Increases elasticity, sculpts + tones + firms sagging skin, reduces puffiness + dark circle, relaxes facial tension, promotes clearer skin, and rejuvenates dry skin. *If I had to pick one of these, I would say the facial cupping set is my favorite! So easy to use with immediate results! Instant plumping, brightening, + lifting! Each tool comes with an instruction sheet and Province Apothecary also has great how-to videos online.

Yang/Yin Roller and Scalp Rake

Yang/Yin Roller:

This little guy continues to amaze me with what all it can do! I often get asked what is my favorite eye cream, favorite acne product, or favorite moisturizer. My answer is always this tool! This little guy stimulates collagen, clears congestion, drains, reduces puffiness, disperses pigmentation and redness, smooths, plumps, increases hydration, balances oil production, ETC! I love this tool! Ideally roll 3-5 minutes daily. The more you roll, the more lasting results you will see. Comes with an instruction card on how to use.

Yin Scalp Rake

This tool makes the list, because who does not love a scalp massage? Beside just feeling amazing, raking the scalp helps to calm the nervous system, decrease tension, and decrease anxiety.