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Light Up Your Skin with LED

Using LED lights to create healthy skin at the cellular level

The Benefits of LED Treatments

LED light treatments have been a favorite skin treatment of mine for years. The benefits of LED include:

  • promotes cell regeneration

  • prevents and reduces hyperpigmentation

  • provides anti-bacterial properties

  • activates blood circulation

  • stimulates the production of collagen and elastin

  • visibly reduces acne

  • reduces inflammation of the skin and dark circles

  • promotes healing

Celluma Pro v EuphoraLight Pro

I use the Celluma Pro in my treatment room and I try to use it on myself a few times a week. The Celluma retails for around $1700, so it is not the most economical choice for an at-home LED treatment and while there are many LED lights on the market, few are highly effective at creating change in the skin. Celluma has always been in the front of the LED market with research, quality, and effectiveness, so I have hesitated to use any other LED device.

However, I recently decided to test out the Truth Treatment Systems LED device called the EuphoraLight Pro for one week to see how it compares to the Celluma Pro.

The EuphoraLight Pro has three light settings, including Near Infrared, Red, and Blue. You can set the light on Auto and it will run through each of the 3 colors over a 25-minute period.

Light Setting

Near Infrared Light

Red Light

Blue Light






Promotes the production of collagen and elastin, helping to tighten and maintain the elasticity of the skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles; penetrates deep into the skin, reaching up to 15 mm deeper than red light.

Stimulates the formation of collagen proteins, initiates cellular activity, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, giving the skin health and flexibility.

Kills acne-causing bacteria and relieves discomfort caused by inflammation. Ideal for treating mild to moderate inflammatory acne.

Best For

  • Anti-aging

  • Cell regeneration

  • Hyperpigmentation (Melasma)

  • Anti-aging

  • Anti-stains (caused by the sun)

  • Anti-acne

  • Anti-Bacterial

Advantages of the EuphoraLight Pro

Extremely Effective

Just like the Celluma Pro, the EuphoraLight Pro calms redness and inflammation, promotes quicker healing for breakouts, promotes cell regeneration, promotes collagen and elastin production, increases circulation, and decreases hyperpigmentation. I have to be honest, I was hesitant to give up my Celluma treatments which I try to do a couple times a week, but I wanted to give this light a true test. So I stopped using the Celluma Light and only used the EuphoraLight Pro for seven days. I feel like my skin is brighter and less red/blotchy, my breakouts have healed super quickly (I had 2 whiteheads on my cheek when I started my 7-day trial), a few sun spots already look lighter, and my skin just looks more even.

Portable (with eye holes!)

While I love a 30-minute nap under my Celluma, I found that I used the EuphoraLight Pro more frequently because it is portable and simple to use while doing laundry, unloading the dishwasher, watching TV, working on the computer, etc. I am actually wearing it right now as I write!


The EuphoraLight Pro retails for $399! That's certainly not cheap, but considering you get unlimited treatments it is actually a really cost-effective way to change the skin from the inside to the outside!

Simple to Use

I have been using it on the Auto setting which is 25-minutes cycling through all 3 colors settings. However, you can also customize your treatment and choose which setting you would like if you do not have 25-minutes and just want to focus on one or two color settings.


Great for the whole family! It can be hard to get teens to lie down for 30-minutes under the Celluma, but it is much easier with the EuphoraLight Pro because they can do a LED treatment

while doing homework or watching a show. Simply use a gentle cleaner to wipe the mask down after each use.

Final Thoughts

One downside is that the EuphoraLight Pro mask only covers the face, so you are not able to treat the neck and chest like you can with the Celluma.

Overall I am very impressed and will continue to use the EuphoraLight Pro for my own at-home LED treatments. It is an extremely effective treatment to improve the skin at a cellular level.

It is amazing for acne, hyperpigmentation, inflammation, and simply helping the skin age beautifully!


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