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The New Vita Mask from Truth Treatments

A hydrating, calming, plumping, detoxifying mask all in one!

I have been known to wear skincare masks at odd times. A dear friend of mine told me the other day that she first met me when I was walking my dogs down the street with a bright green mask on my face. I had no memory of this, and I guess at the time did not think it was odd to be meeting someone for the first time covered in green algae on my face!

How I Mask

There are two ways that I mask the most frequently. First, I apply treatment serums followed by a treatment mask and go to bed. I love sleeping in masks! Second, I put one on and wear it for several hours while going about my day. One of the benefits of having my skincare studio at home is that I never put on makeup while I seeing clients. Instead, I am usually doing my own skincare treatment with a mask or two on all day while I work!

The Vita Mask

The Vita Mask from Truth Treatment Systems is my new favorite mask. I love it for so many reasons—especially that it becomes invisible on the surface so you can wear all day without anyone knowing you are doing a skincare treatment!

The Vita Mask is a vitamin and nutrient replenishing mask that is deeply hydrating and healing. It is a lipid-rich blend of Vitamins A,C, D, E, + K. It also contains bentonite clay to detoxify and oat extracts to soothe and reduce inflammation. A unique aspect to this mask is that it contains melatonin to stimulate antioxidant enzymes in the skin.

I love that this mask is a one and done! It detoxifies and purifies the skin while also deeply hydrating and reducing inflammation. You can do this mask as often as you like. I like to grab this one when my skin is irritated, tired, broken out, or if I just want to have an extra glow!

My clients know I rarely put a single mask on their skin, but rather love to mix several masks, oils, serums, etc! This mask is fabulous on its own, but if I am sleeping in it, I love to mix with Transdermal C Balm or Omega 6 Healing Cream with 2 squirts Biomimetic Mineral Mist. Wake up to calm, hydrated, glowing skin!


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