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Yes, Another Facial Tool!

As most of you know, I love a good facial tool! Facial tools can increase circulation, move lymph, calm inflammation, relax muscle tension, help clear congestion, + more!


I am often asked what my favorite skin tool is and I have always had a hard time picking just one. I am still a dedicated roller with my ying/yang roller and I love to use my quartz mushrooms after rolling my skin.


Each tool offers different benefits, but it can get expensive to have an entire toolbox of face tools. So, if you can only have one face tool or if you are looking to add to your tool box, this one is worth it!


This little guy is amazing at decreasing heavy jawlines, decreasing double chins, increasing circulation and brightening the skin, smoothing out wrinkles, and yes preventing wrinkles by relaxing muscle tension.


How it works:

  • Helps break up fascia adhesions in the skin, allowing for better drainage and movement of lymph. The results in a decrease in stagnation and puffiness in the face and neck. 

  • Massages the facial muscles to release spasms and tension from the face, allowing the muscles to recoil back to their original place which will lift and contour the face.

  • Ridges gently sweep away excess fluid buildup, eliminating toxins, and increasing circulation, hydration, and oxygenation in the skin.

  • The handle of the roller can be used for pressure points, specifically designed to work around the nose, ears, bottom of the chin and especially around the eyes and brows.


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