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Cleansing Morning Face Massage

One of the easiest, cheapest, and most effective ways to improve the health of your skin.

This is a simple face massage that you can perform during your cleanse to boost overall wellness and promote clearer, firmer, glowing skin. It is intended to be done in the morning to wake up the body's systems, but can be done anytime. This entire routine takes only a few minutes. I do each movement about 8-10 times.


How It Helps


​Heat your hands by rubbing them together for several seconds and then place them over your eyes.

​Transferring heat to the eyes: clarifies vision, helps with tired/dry eyes, works on the reproductive system, and helps heal cystic acne boils.


​With your two middle fingers, massage your face in circular movements from the tip of your nose towards your eyebrows and around the eyes. Then tap your skin with your hands in the same way as when massaging.

​Massage of the reproductive system, tones bladder to help with incontinence, oxygenates brain and assists with foggy brain and dementia.


​Massage your face with your palms in circular movements from the chin to the forehead while avoiding your nose.

​This warms up and relaxes the entire body. Treats fatigue, improves mood, improves brain function, assists with dark circles under eyes, and helps brighten dull skin.


​Place the palm of your hand with your forefinger under your nose (pointing your thumb upward) and give a horizontal massage over your mouth.

​Warms the body and massages internal organs, stimulates endocrine/digestive/reproductive systems, helps with constipation, balances heavy periods, helps with diverticulitis.


​With your fingers from both hands rub your face from the tip of your nose towards your hairline.

​Corresponds with a massage along your backbone and legs, helps with stiff back and back pain, also beneficial to reproductive system.


​Strongly massage your forehead in a horizontal direction, first with your right hand and then with the left.

​Corresponds to a massage of your back and internal organs, relaxes the nervous system, stimulates the brain and memory.


​With the middle and index fingers of both hands on front and back of ears, rub up and down—you should feel a warm sensation.

​Warms your body, increases flexibility, regulates tension in entire body, helps with neck wrinkles, colds, and sinusitis.


​Open your hands wide and with your thumb and index finger massage your neck upwards.

​Unblocks mucous membranes in the nose and throat.


​Using both palms, massage the back of your neck in a horizontal direction.

​Anti-depressive, lifts mood, relaxes cervical area, prevents stiff neck, activates energy flow in bladder meridians, clears throat energy.


​Massage your scalp with your fingertips, from forehead to the back of the neck.

​Fights alopecia, dandruff, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, and strengthens hair.


​Massage your ears, twisting the outer ear. Cover your ears with your palms and tap the back of your neck with your fingers (creating the cerebral drum).

​Massage of auditory system, brain, kidneys, and stomach, restores balance; helps repair hearing loss; helps with acid reflux and digestion by bringing down the energy in the stomach; and treats memory loss.


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